Condo Launch Finder

Condo Launch Finder

~~  Condo Launch Finder  ~~


Condo Launch Finder Objectives

  1. Amidst all the various new launches launching every month, we endeavor to find you THE BEST APARTMENT DEAL with THE MOST DISCOUNT in the DISTRICT and TOWN you prefer.
  2. Present to you STATISTICS showing the CURRENT STATE of the Property Market.
  3. Explain to you the various STAGES in the NEW LAUNCH purchase.  From Launch Preview to Ballot to Placing Inital Deposit to Key Collection and Move Into New Apartment.
  4. Update you on (1)  LATEST Information on Banks’ Packages. (2) LATEST Interest Rates Movement as well as (3) Quarterly Report on Progress of the Development.
  5. Provide Resale Service to Sell, Rent, Manage your Existing or New Property as well as Advise on Banks’ Re-financing Or Re-pricing options.


Condo Launch Finder – Helps Buyers Save $$$

  1. Identify Niche Areas Where there is HUGE Potential for Capital Growth and Appreciation.
  2. Avoid Developments which are Over-Priced and in areas without Concrete Development and / or Transformation Plans.
  3. Pin-point areas where there are added government-led initiatives increasing economic values and major FDI(foreign direct investments).  For example, proximity to a Major Business Park, Major Corporations’ Regional HQ and Offices and International Schools.
  4. Streamline to Development and Unit Facing and have a Ready Exit-Plan.


Condo Launch Finder – One Stop Information of Singapore’s Latest Condo Launches

  1. We get you Up-to-Date Information on Various New Condo Launch Developments.
  2. We will identify for you BEST-PRICED units in same District via COMPARISON TABLE.
  3. A Full-Needs Analysis will be done with you and your family if you wish to explore more options.  For example, your property investments, property portfolio re-structuring or even discuss about your existing property’s enbloc-sale(regardless whether you are in the Collective Sales Committee).

We look forward to hear from you and we are just a phone call away.  (+65) 9818 2785.

Just a friendly chat at your convenience with no strings attached.